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For All Events, Formal or Informal. Small or Large.

Nathan Richardson (owner/operator of CSE Services, LLC) and his father, David Richardson have been in the disc jockey business since May, 2001.
Since then, DJ's Nate & Dave have had the opportunity to play for well over one-thousand separate events! From weddings to birthdays, graduations to corporate events or retirements to anniversaries we've been able to DJ for a large variety of events. When you hire CSE Services for your special event you can rest assured that we possess the right knowledge, professional attitude and correct tools to make your event a success!

Wedding DJ Set Up
Black Light DJ Set Up
Formal DJ Set Up

What Makes For a Great DJ?

Lights. Sound. Action.

So what does make for a "Great" DJ? The answer to this question can vary greatly from person to person. Ask and some people may say it's knowledge of music while others may say it's a rocking sound system and light show. Others may say it's all about personality. Ask us and the answer is simple, its all of the above! That's why we focus our efforts on providing a complete experience to all of our clients. Our music catalog includes hits from the 30's all the way up to today's hottest hits. As a matter of fact, our catalogs are updated on a weekly basis with all of the hottest and newest hits! We always stock clean (non-explicit) versions of these songs as well so our music is appropriate for guests of all ages. We use only professional grade audio equipment that is hand picked for the size and nature of your event. Do you like light shows? (We do) that's why a light show is included for free in every event we book! We also offer additional lighting packages such as up-lighting which has become popular for weddings and other events. As for preparation we always work closely with our clients in order to ensure their event is exactly what they envisioned it to be. Special song requests are taken ahead of time in order to be certain we have them on the day of the event. Announcements and introductions are always discussed in advance to ensure all of your guests name's are pronounced appropriately. Of course, on the day of the event we are there to serve both you and your guests requests with a smile while keeping the events of your function flowing smoothly.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle.

Are we the right fit?

Ask any other DJ company if they are the right choice for your event and I can guarantee they would say yes without any hesitation. But that's typical of most DJ companies, they have something to sell and they want you to buy it! We don't prefer to work that way, we prefer to feel that we're a good fit for your specific event before accepting the booking. Now of course we have done so many different types of events over the years that there just isn't many events out there that we feel we're not a good choice for. However on occasion when either a special circumstance or type of event arises, we are always humble in admitting our anticipated short comings. That's because a "Great" DJ knows their limitations, they know their crowd. That's not to say that we are not open to learning or growing (we always are!) but we prefer not to do it at the expense of a clients special event. That's why you won't find any options on this website to book our DJ services. That's because we prefer to speak with you and determine what the needs of your event are and more importantly if we're the right fit for you! So please, contact me today and lets chat about your upcoming event.

Searching for Something Unique?

Not your typical mobile DJ.
Expecting a younger crowd? Do you and your guests love to dance? If so, DJ Nate Richardson (DJ Static9ine) can perform a continuous mix of dance songs for your upcoming party. Traditionally popular in night clubs and music festivals mixed DJ sets are becoming increasingly popular at private events and dances. Not exactly sure what a mixed DJ set sounds like? You can listen to some of DJ Nate's live recorded DJ sets on his Mixcloud Page. Mixed DJ sets are not a good fit for every event. However, if you're looking to take the entertainment at your event to the next level then we can help!

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