What Makes CSE Services Different?

... Excellent service with a personal touch

Hello! I'm Nate Richardson, owner and operator of CSE Services, LLC. I've been in the event business for over sixteen years now. Originally my business began as a small mobile disc jockey service. Now, after years of success in the DJ business my company has grown to offer a variety of rental equipment for all types of events. Although my company has grown significantly over the years I continue to believe that small businesses will always provide better quality service and personal accountability than large ones. Not only that but small businesses have greater personality and flexibility as well as a greater sense of community. Those are just a couple of the reasons why I will never allow my company to lose its personal touch. You can call our number right now and I will be the one to answer, place an order and I will be the one to deliver it, any problems or questions and I will be there to address them. In a world where personal accountability seems to be at a low, CSE Services does the opposite. I wouldn't have it any other way, I love what I do and will always be personally involved in my business. With CSE Services you're not just hiring a nameless company; you're hiring a person with great stake and interest in everything they do. That's why CSE Services is the best choice for your next party or event!

Our Mission Statement

... A focus on small, family events

CSE Services has been modeled to provide the best quality services at the lowest cost possible. In order to do this I keep my expenses low by offering a smaller and less complex rental inventory. Because of this CSE Services is best suited to handle events of up to 120 people only. In some cases, larger rental companies can cover events with thousands of people! But keep in mind that all customers, even the small ones, pay for that equipment (even if it is just sitting in the warehouse). That's exactly why I've modeled my business to focus on backyard events, that way the savings can be passed on to my customers! So if you're planning a backyard graduation party, birthday, family reunion or a wedding reception on a budget then CSE Services was made with your event in mind! That's why I like to call CSE Services the "backyard party king"!

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