Bounce House Safety

Bounce houses can go by many names: bouncers, moon walks, space walks, moon bounces, moon jumps, bouncy houses, spacewalks, jumpy houses & more. Whatever you prefer to call them you can be assured that renting one will be a big hit with the kids at your upcoming event!

Safety Is Our First Priority.

We've all heard the occasional stories on the evening news about an inflatable getting picked up and carried away in the wind. Although injuries from bounce houses are not as common as reporters may make it seem, they do happen. However, when reviewing a vast majority of these cases state regulators often find injuries could've been easily prevented. At CSE Services our number one priority is the safety of all our customers and their guests. That's why all of our inflatables are PA state certified and inspected for every single event by a PA licensed inspector. Furthermore we provide the renter with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the operation of the inflatable. When making a purchase decision it's always important that the buyer is well informed to make the best decision he/she can make. Be vigilant when renting an amusement device such as a bounce house as these are heavily regulated in the state of Pennsylvania. Often you may find a company advertising to rent for a better price which can be tempting, but often these companies or the product they are offering are not certified in the state of Pennsylvania.

We Handle the Installation. Everytime.

You may be aware of other rental companies allowing customers to pick-up and install a bounce house or other inflatable themselves. Being that safety is our first priority we have a strict policy on handling all installations ourselves. This ensures the inflatable is set up on suitable ground, tied down properly and that it is in perfect working order and safe for your guests. Before operation the inflatable and all parts are carefully checked to ensure safe operation.

Bounce Houses Are Not Babysitters.

Occasionally you will hear the statement "bounce houses make great babysitters". This statement simply could not be further from the truth. It is required that someone, either you or another adult is designated as the operator for the bounce house. Unfortunately a vast majority of injuries that occur are from "operator error", basically meaning that someone was not watching. The old saying "kids will be kids" is certainly true when it comes to inflatables and often children do not think about their own safety. That's why it's essential that an adult supervise the bounce house while children are inside or around it. Don't worry, we will provide you with all the information and equipment you need for safe operation!

Don't Forget To Have Fun!

Don't let this scare you into not renting, the kids will thank you and you will certainly thank yourself when they go to bed early! Bounce houses are incredibly safe especially when the correct preparation and education are provided. It is simply our goal for everyone to have a safe and memorable experience at your event. If you have any questions or concerns we are here to help, contact us anytime!
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